Located in Western Australia, CROSSROADS DINGO RESCUE has a simple aim to educate, re-establish, sterilize, microchip, and rehome “domestic” dingoes where possible.

While rehoming these loveable characters would be the preferred outcome for all our residents, our priority remains to rescue and care for the rejected and the mistreated.

We would also like to educate the public with a better understanding that Dingoes are not Dogs. Even when crossbred with domestic breeds, they will always differ mentally and physically.

“My mission is to rescue.
My dream is that one day I won’t have to”

~ original statement from Tia Torres
Dingo Diary
  • Crossroads Dingo Rescue

    We attended kenwick veterinary clinic again today We sincerely thank Sue and staff, patience understanding always there to help The pups did not arrive here in the best of health …Read more
  • Crossroads Dingo Rescue

    Took the orphans back to Sue at Kenwick Veterinary Hosp. today, for another checkup, managed to pay some of the account today. Part of the payment consisted of $175.oo in …Read more
  • Crossroads Dingo Rescue

    Pindan is also a big fan of Crema Coffee, Crossroads blend. He managed to get 1 lick in before we told him that coffee isn t good for dingoes no …Read more